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Phu Quoc Island

Phu Quoc island is home to environmental characteristics that form the land which is quintessential for pepper to flourish. The soil, naturally rich in minerals and the perfect tropical climate supply the natural foundation that allows the pepper to prosper. They are the treasure of the island and have been aptly described as the ‘pearls’ of Phu Quoc, Vietnam.

The fruit yielded from the Piper Nigrum vines are processed into three varieties of peppercorn: red, white and black. Despite the fact they originate from the same berry, the peppers are differentiated from each other by flavour notes, aroma and appearance.

The Ho Tieu offers what we believe the best traditionally grown Phu Quoc peppers to elevate the dining experience of our customers. The various, deep and exuberant flavours of our pepper range can complement almost any imaginable dish. Thanks to the mastery of the scrupulous farmers who have perfected the natural and traditional processes through generations. It is vital to us to ensure that the farmers, the real heroes of this story, are supported and championed.

On another note, tourism is rapidly expanding on the island and the farms are decreasing in size. The Ho Tieu is passionate about working closely with the farmer community to ensure they can thrive and preserve their land. Phu Quoc peppers are truly a treasure that we hope the next generations get to enjoy.

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